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This summer’s London Olympics means lots of traffic in the city – I mean TONS. Tube and taxi traffic especially. So how do we prepare?
And why not a bicycle especially designed with the Olympics in mind? This blue bombshell, designed by British Olympic (multiple-medal) cyclist Victoria Pendleton, answers the call.

It is in fact, one of three models designed by Pendleton and available at Halfords. But this one, the Somerby, is the best one. Not only is it an amazing blue, it has a luggage rack and is ideal for quick adventures through the urban jungle.
These bad boys are made with upcycled tents and reclaimed jersey – ideal for the unexpected showers this great island is famous for. The hoodie is part of our upcoming collection, so isn’t available yet. But when is is, you will be able to choose from a shorter (above) or longer (below) style.

With a draw string waist to keep things warm, and a waterproof hood to keep things dry, nothing will stop you from biking to glory.
Luckily for those without luggage racks, Cyclodelic makes wicked wee saddle bags that attach to a bike’s seat, and then detaches to serve as a clutch or shoulder bag.

Extremely practical, yet o so stylish, it is ideal for big days out. They also make handlebar bags, a bit bigger, and in each style comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your needs and taste.
Handmade in London, the bag is waterproof, includes a lamp to hang your bike light, and has reflective binding. A real winner to make life a bit easier.

Public prepare! Get your gear and grab a bike!

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