About Goodone

Goodone is an award-winning, independent fashion label that reflects contemporary London through conscious design. We create high-end, fashion-forward collections, reinventing the potential of what upcycled garments can be.

By using reclaimed fabrics in every possible part of the design process, we create desirable, assertive and feminine pieces that work day to evening. We aim not to stand apart from the mainstream fashion industry, but rather to achieve positive change from within.

We want to give women the opportunity to feel good about their clothes and work with what already exists to achieve more.

One Response to “About Goodone”
  1. Jennifer Bell says:

    I am a new recycle fashion artistin Victoria British Columbia. I would your opinion on my work. All my materials have been rescued from the dump or give away on the side of the road.
    My work is on my facebook page called discarded couture.
    Love your company’s work.
    Take care, Jen

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