Controversial Climate Change

This TED talk presents an interesting perspective on climate change, including lots of speculation on whether or not geo-engineering is actually a dangerous option with unpredictable consequences. His point is really that we need to discuss these issues openly, we need transparency – otherwise it leaves us wide open to disaster, especially without proper international [...]

Music Monday

Another smashing summer tune for ya. Courtesy of London duo Plaid. xx

3 things- #4

3 Things for Spring!!!

This week’s three things are all about spring-time fun-time. Feelin’ funky and bright. First up we have a wonder of a bangle from Pure Dead Brilliant. Mysteriously titled The Barrie Lincoln, this cage bracelet beauty mimics the classic geometric diamond shape with a punch of wicked funk. This lovely cuff is available in both 22 [...]

Music Mondays

To start off this week with a bang and a good beat we have Penguin Prison’s Remix of Blue Jeans by Land del Rey. What a cracker of a tune xx

Wake Up George!

A cheeky video from the RSPB calling for greener government policy. Get involved xx

Woeful Wool

An article exposing some gruesome practices in the wool industry…