Glowing Arm Arrows!

Glowing arrows on your arms for safer cycling – genius! TAP THAT to check out the designer and his safety solutions!

Music Mondays

Marcia Griffiths Feel like Jumping – bloody great Monday morning song if you ask me x


Punky Packaging

CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEB SALES PACKAGING! We hate waste and receiving things in the post that is wrapped up in LOADS of unnecessary extra crap, BUT at the same time exciting post is exciting… The perfect solution to our problem is to re use all our old bubble wrap envelopes from the studio and [...]

3 things 3

Undies Galore!

This week’s tripod of luxuries is made purely of luscious lingerie. Who Made Your Pants? made these pants…. and we love’em! Based out of Southampton, these ladies make comfy and discreet briefs with lovely reclaimed lacey fabrics. The company ensures that each pair of pants is ethically produced, and without any visible pantie lines….perfect! Fighting [...]

3 things #2

Beans, Bats & Bondage

This week’s ‘HOW GOOD IS THIS’ come from London labels and local talent. The items above combine both the beautiful and practical sides to life. Who can deny the need for durable bags and a nice wooly jumper? On the left is the beautiful Belmont bag, from Lost Property of London. A gorgeous messenger bag [...]