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Each week we will be sharing 3 inspiring designs from innovative people (including ourselves). From sustainable products to amazing aesthetic experiments, our followers will get weekly treats from the Goodone team. This week we have got some beauties… First, the most amazing reading light made from upcycled books! Available from Lula Dot, and doing its [...]


Holistic Japanese Recycling

An in-depth look of the Japanese recycling industry by Leon Kaye and the Guardian. It turns out the Japanese philosophy of kaizen (continuous improvement) has helped drive innovation in recycling. Inspiring stuff.

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Be the lucky ONE in GOODONE’s ONEONEONEONE prize competition! (say that 5 times fast) We nearly have 1,000 likes on Facebook!! But we think… is a much more satisfying number. To celebrate the milestone we are offering £111 of Goodone clothing to a very lucky fan. That means £111 towards your choice of anything available [...]

Earth overshoot – this day in 1987

‘Earth overshoot day’, or ‘Ecological debt day’ is the mark on our calendar, beyond which we are using deficit resources. Our first overshoot was in 1986 and in 1987 a date was recorded for the first time on the 19th of December. This has moved steadily towards the middle of the calendar, hitting its earliest [...]



Population growth and raw material selection. At current rates, the population increase is predicted to create around 2 billion more ‘middle class’ consumers over the next 20-25 yrs, and in 2010 the textile industry saw its largest growth in 25 yrs. At that rate supply simply can’t be sustained, even if there are more consumers [...]

Microbial homes

Microbial homes…

Check out this Philips technology which uses methane from the kitchen waste to power the lights!   So much innovation all aimed at one room – there will be flaws and practical issues we are sure but thanks Philips for investing in a project which aims to improve home efficiency. Click the photo to find [...]