Based out of a small studio in East London, Goodone creates practical and progressive clothing. I interned with the label a few years ago, and have since seen it develop into an award-winning ethical fashion force.  Goodone offers seasonal collections (frequently a part of London Fashion Week) in addition to an online-exclusive Basics line and a bespoke fitting service.

I was thrilled to get back in touch with Nin Castle, the brand’s founder and creative director, to discuss her views of sustainability, fashion, and design.

How did you get started in sustainable fashion?

My interested started at university in Bristol, I wanted my final collection to be sustainably sourced.  I had no money, so I made everything out of recycled fabrics.  I realized that I was getting really good quality textiles and really sustainable fibres.  The fabric has already been used, there is no strain put on the environment by using fabrics that already exist. For me it is the most sustainable fibre around.

What is your design process?

For us designing is definitely a two prong attack.  It’s what we want to make and what we can make with the fabrics that we get a hold of.  It comes from both directions, but design is always number one. We want to produce sustainable products that are strong, sexy and really really wearable. There’s no point making something that doesn’t look good.  Our basics line its about making clothes that you want to wear on a day-to-day basis.

What textiles do you use?

When we buy stuff from the UK, it’s British wool, modals and fibres from textile recycling factories. We’re looking into importing high-tech sustainable fibres and not making rules for ourselves. The Goodone Basics collection is a mix of end of roll fabrics with reclaimed, its also a good chance for us to reuse fabrics from previous collections. 

How would you like to see sustainable fashion develop?

Brands should use reclaimed fabrics as much as possible.  It would make a big dent in the environmental impact of the industry.  It’s very difficult to use entirely reclaimed fabric, and that’s why we don’t do it anymore, but it is very possible to use a percentage of reclaimed fabrics.

People need to buy less, but better.   We need to buy half the amount of clothes for double the amount of money. Nobody wants to hear it, but its the truth. Consumers have demanded a cheaper and faster product and the industry has supplied it. Now consumers massively undervalue clothes. Buying cheaply made clothes isn’t value for money so consumers are worse off in the end.

Your favourite way to relax?

Desert Island Discs in the bath.  I suppose I’m a bit nosey, so I find it really interesting. 

To get your hands on some of Goodone’s goodies, visit their online shop at Join their Facebook page to receive news of sample sales and studio events!


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